Special Events

Leo Newcomb (Co-Chair) Josh Van Es (Co-Chair)  MISSION STATEMENT: To administer GPSR approved events and philanthropic fundraising opportunities in order to benefit local charities and the Association. VISION: Dedication to the creation and development of philanthropic activities and other events that reflect the giving and inclusive spirit of Greater Palm Springs REALTORS® and the communities we serve….


Karen Tabbah (Chair) Vision Our educational curriculum aspires to be a regional leader in developing real estate licensees as career-ready learners, who want to kick start their newly chosen profession while gaining enlightenment and language of the many aspects of the real estate industry; to create a transformative educational experience for participants focused on basic knowledge; turning…


David Banks (Chair) MISSION STATEMENT: To explore and recommend innovation, enhancements and efficiency improvements in the collection and dissemination of Real Estate listing and transaction information to the GPSR Board of Directors for the benefit of our REALTOR® and appraiser subscribers. VISION: The MLS is the life blood of our Real Estate marketplace. We strive to…

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