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Special Events

Leo Newcomb (Co-Chair)
Coy Bradstreet (Co-Chair) 

To administer GPSR approved events and philanthropic fundraising opportunities in order to benefit local charities and the Association.

Dedication to the creation and development of philanthropic activities and other events that reflect the giving and inclusive spirit of Greater Palm Springs REALTORS® and the communities we serve.

Philanthropic Excellence that will reflect positively on our Greater Palm Springs REALTORS®.

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Cindi Monaco Chicago Title Company 760-799-7816

Jassen Agostini S/A Mortgage & Real Estate 760-408-4530

Debra Comer Old Republic Home Protection 760-668-5220

Michael Baughman Desert HomeFront Property Ser 760-702-1643

Karen Maisano Contempo Lending Inc 760-778-5111

Leo Newcomb The Insurance Crew 760-218-5996

Coy Bradstreet BPI Inspections 760-925-7873

Ryan Sihapanya-Allen Franklin Loan Corp. 415-505-0242

Josh Van Es 760-568-5611

Jon Barrist 714-240-9976

David Rios 714-345-7610


Karen Tabbah (Chair)
Michael Blevins (Co-Chair)

Our educational curriculum aspires to be a regional leader in developing real estate licensees as career-ready learners, who want to kick start their newly chosen profession while gaining enlightenment and language of the many aspects of the real estate industry; to create a transformative educational experience for participants focused on basic knowledge; turning problems into solutions, achieving businesslike communications and interpersonal skills while balancing personal health and well-being.

Our mission is to prepare strategic and independent thinkers who are capable of confident decision-making. We provide a service to our members and community through generating, collating and incorporating interdisciplinary skillset and academic knowledge.

We respect people, value diversity and are committed to equality. We recognize the contribution of volunteers within our membership, and we strive for excellence through continuous improvement.

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Karen Tabbah 760-799-1405

Christine Eva 760-880-1499

Michael Blevins 818-470-8507

Jim Franklin 760-485-0858


Frank Alvarez (Chair)

To explore and recommend innovation, enhancements and efficiency improvements in the collection and dissemination of Real Estate listing and transaction information to the GPSR Board of Directors for the benefit of our REALTOR® and appraiser subscribers.

The MLS is the life blood of our Real Estate marketplace. We strive to ensure that this indispensable data source is the tool that enables our subscribers to assist their clients in the marketing and research needed for successful Real Estate transactions.

To provide the best and most accurate data to serve our subscribers’ and the public’s needs for transparency in the Real Estate market.

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Frank Alvarez Committee Chair 760-323-2272

Jim Webb 760-325-5678

Tim Welberry 760-832-4307

David Banks 760-408-9000

Geoffrey Moore 760-641-5689

Local Government Relations

Jim Franklin ( Chair )

To advocate on behalf of our Members’ rights and Homeowners’ property rights at the local government level throughout the Coachella Valley, and to participate independently or jointly with other Associations in advocating for or against public policies that may impact and influence the Real Estate industry.

To be the leading political voice representing our Members and Homeowners to our elected and appointed officials throughout the Coachella Valley, and to promote a sense of community through Homeownership for all.

Fairness and honesty concerning housing issues that affect all socio-economic groups throughout the Coachella valley.

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Karen Tabbah 760-799-1405

Randy Wiemer 760-333-7747

Neal Nussbaum 760-905-0490

Tammy Franklin 760-464-5442

Jassen Agostini 760-408-4530

Jim Franklin 760-485-0858

Kevin Stern 760-250-1977

Adree Rojas 760-898-1520

George Neill 760-567-8978

Morgan Janney 442-234-2984

David Brutus 404-917-9998

Jim Briguglio 949-903-1328

David Feltman 760-459-5911

Frederick Psaki 503-432-5456


Marcia Griffiths (Chair)

To establish objective, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of REALTORS® with respect to the Public, Property and our Peers, and to make certain that REALTORS® are respected throughout our community.

To provide guidance to our REALTOR® members and the consumer, as well as
unbiased, fair and honest service that is in the best interest of all who are involved
in contributing to the success of the Real Estate goal.

To always do the right thing and to provide guidance to our REALTOR® members on how best to conduct their business practices according to the Standards of Practice as outlined in the N.A.R.® Code of Ethics.


Patrick Basile 928-399-0403

Fred Coleman 310-382-7600

Marcia Griffiths 760-464-5442

Susan Guardino 760-578-6489

Randy Isaacs 310-435-1494

William Landesman 760-898-0274

Mary Marx 760-424-9299

Chase Owens 310-418-5274

Josh Pringle 415-713-1087

Nicholas Falconio 425-377-1204

Professional Standards

Alvin Greenwalt (Chair)

To conduct hearings as required on matters of the conduct of our REALTOR® Members to maintain the ethical and professional standards of N.A.R.®, C.A.R.® and GPSR.

To provide an impartial environment for the consumer and REALTOR® Members to resolve complaints and violations of ethical and professional standards.

To maintain a thorough understanding of the professional and ethical standards


Carol Berger BHGRE I Leaskou Partners 760-218-9852

Carl Blea Pacific Sotheby's Int'l Realty 760-861-1269

Becky Bowles RE | MAX Consultants 760-861-1624

Stephen Burchard HomeSmart Professionals 760-702-0555

Alvin Greenwalt 760-904-5514

Darcey Deetz BHGRE I Leaskou Partners 760-808-1449

Julia Sebestyen Sebestyen Realty 760-422-3391

Josh Pringle BHGRE I Leaskou Partners 415-713-1087


Tammy Franklin ( Chair )

To recruit and engage members of GPSR to all the benefits the Association has to offer. To encourage participation and retain engaged satisfied members in the greater Palm Springs area. To maintain and grow the culture of camaraderie that we share.

To be an all-inclusive member resource for real estate professionals within a supportive and collaborative environment.

To include all members of GPSR and to promote professionalism and high ethical standards.

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Art Alvarez 714-612-9035

Tammy Franklin Chair 760-486-5057

Melissa Lundgren 760-668-2544

Michael Neill 760-567-8978


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